In the last 23 years, we’ve completed 90 clinical research studies. We’ve seen significant progress in the treatments of the diseases we study, and we’re currently engaged in the studies that will continue to move us closer to finding cures. There are no costs to participate in our studies or for study-related procedures, and often compensation is available for time and travel. For more information on any of the studies listed below, please call us at 941-708-0005.

Alzheimer’s Cognitive Study

This medical study evaluates a medication to determine whether it slows the progression of symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, such as problems with memory or thinking clearly. Men and women between the ages of 50 and 85 who are currently experiencing problems with memory or thinking may be eligible to participate in the study, which will include questionnaires and interviews, physical examinations, MRI and PET scans, and other tests to monitor health. Participation will involve in-person visits to Bradenton Research once or twice per month and telephone interviews for up to four years. Those eligible to participate will be required to have a “study partner” who knows them well and is prepared to accompany them to certain visits and provide information to the Bradenton Research study team.

Early Alzheimer’s Study

This medical study is for people people who are experiencing increasing problems with their memory that may be early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. This study will evaluate the effectiveness of an investigational product (study drug). The study consists of a screening period, a double-blind treatment period, an optional open-label extension (OLE) period, and a safety follow-up period. Potential patients for this study are:

·Aged 50 to 80 years old
·Have early symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Early Alzheimer’s Combined Treatment Study

This clinical research trial is enrolling men and women who may have evidence of early stage Alzheimer’s disease. The clinical trial is evaluating whether a combined treatment slows down early stage Alzheimer’s disease. Qualified participants must:

· Be 55 to 79 years old
· Have mild memory impairment
· Have a spouse, close person or relative who spends a lot of time with the participant to accompany the participant at study visits
· Be in good general health

Parkinson’s Study

The purpose of this medical study is to collect biological samples from subjects with Parkinson’s disease. The samples may contain substances that the researchers will be able to analyze to study their genetic, protein, and chemical composition. The study will look at blood and cerebrospinal fluid differences associated with Parkinson’s disease or with other aspects of the illness, such as response to medication and side effects. The cells from your blood may be retained as cell lines grown from your blood to be used in the future. The sample may assist in the development of a new drug treatment or a new diagnostic test for Parkinson’s disease. Your samples will be kept indefinitely by the sponsor. The sponsor may analyze your sample as part of other research activities.

Multiple Sclerosis

The objective of this study is to collect serial 6 monthly (every 6 months) CSF and blood samples from individuals that have been diagnosed with MS or Clinically Isolated Syndrome. The CSF and blood samples will be stored for future research. This future research will be used to delineate genetic and other markers for the disease, enhance the understanding of treatment response and side effects, and develop new targets for future drug development. To be eligible for this study, individuals must:

·Be 18 years or older
·Have a diagnosis of MS or Clinically Isolated Syndrome

Alzheimer’s Sleep Study

This clinical research trial is for individuals with mild or moderate AD-D who complain of disrupted sleep or multiple awakenings at night along with frequent periods of falling asleep during the day that impact the quality of life of the subject. For each subject, an individual who knows the subject well and will
provide the information about themselves will also be enrolled in the study. To be eligible for this study, individuals must:

·Be aged 60 to 90
·Have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s
·Have sleep problems (waking up a lot at night and napping a lot during the day).

Alzheimer’s Combination Study

This medical study is examining whether an investigational medication, when given with two standard medications for Alzheimer’s disease, has an effect on mental abilities impaired by the disease. We are looking for individuals who:

• Are aged 50 to 85 years
• Have had Alzheimer’s disease for at least 1 year
• Are currently receiving treatment with donepezil and memantine / Namenda XR®
or the combination product, Namzaric™
• Have a friend or relative willing to be their study partner throughout the study

Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity Study

The purpose of this study is to assess a medication, arbaclofen extended-release tablets (AERT), for treatment of spasticity in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Individuals may be eligible for this study if they are:

·Aged 18 to 65
·Diagnosed with MS

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